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  • Nancy White at Steven Zevitas Gallery

    Nancy White
    New Work

    December 14th - January 26th, 2012

    Reception: Friday, January 4th, 5:30 pm

    White’s hard-won paintings arrive from the artist’s rigorous engagement with painting’s most basic elements: color, shape and composition. In her recent work, White has moved towards eliminating value contrast. The resulting paintings are nearly monochrome, yet, paradoxically, the move has led to images that have a more ambiguous and deeper space. Also new to this body of work is the introduction of curved forms into White’s traditionally hard-edged pictorial vocabulary. As White states:

    “Through wrangling with simple abstract forms and color, I am finding a new complexity and different emotive range. I am continuing to try to understand and to develop the contradiction of a painting as nearly depicting a pictorial space while remaining entirely abstract.”

    Allowing for viewers to have an immediate relationship with her work has always been of paramount importance to White. The twelve paintings that comprise New Work are among the largest White has made to date, yet, at an average of 10 x 8 inches, they are still extraordinarily intimate works that set up a personal conversation with the viewer.

    White’s work has been exhibited extensively since the late-1990s. Solo exhibitions include a 2011 show at Jancar Jones Gallery in Los Angeles; the gallery will present her work again in 2013. Group exhibitions include shows at the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art and The Art Museum of Los Gatos. This is White’s first exhibition at Steven Zevitas Gallery.

    The artist will be in attendance for an opening reception on Friday, January 4th from 5:30 – 8:00 PM. For additional information, please contact Steven Zevitas at 617.778.5265 (ext. 22). Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 11AM – 5 PM.