• VOLTA NYC 2015

    Steven Zevitas Gallery will be at VOLTA NY, March 5 – 8, 2015. The booth will feature Franklin Evans and Ann Pibal.

    VOLTA NY is an invitational fair of solo-artist projects and is the American incarnation of the original VOLTA show, which was founded in Basel in 2005. VOLTA NY was conceived in 2008 as a focused, curated, boutique event that is a place for discovery. The exhibition showcases relevant contemporary art positions regardless of the artist’s or gallery’s age. By refocusing on artists through solo projects, VOLTA NY promotes a deep exploration of the work of its selected participants. These galleries must maintain deeply meaningful connections with their artists and follow them throughout their careers. In turn, invited galleries exhibit in an elegant venue, elevating their respective platforms for an experience mutually beneficial to fair visitors and the galleries alike.

    In March 2015, VOLTA NY inaugurates its new home location at PIER 90 in the neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen, New York City. The landmark move positions it adjacent to Piers 92 and 94, the longtime platform for its sister fair, The Armory Show, and the focal point of March fair season. Moving to PIER 90 allows for synergy between both fairs and their collector bases while retainingVOLTA NY's distinct character and rigorous curation — the foundation for VOLTA's mission since its 2008 debut.

    VOLTA NY is a platform for challenging, often complimentary — and sometimes competing — ideas about contemporary art. Single-artist booths functioning more closely to proper exhibitions rather than traditional presentations proliferate the contemporary fair scene now. VOLTA NY has made solo projects its mandate and foundation from its inception in 2008, offering a prime opportunity to discover the practices of today's most salient artists while refocusing the art fair experience back to its most fundamental point: the art itself.

    Visit Volta Website

  • James Sterling Pitt at UNTITLED

    Steven Zevitas Gallery is thrilled to be presenting a solo exhibition of new works by San Francisco-based artist, James Sterling Pitt, at UNTITLED in Miami. The booth will consist of eight new sculptures and a suite of Pitt’s notational drawings, from which the sculptures arise. 

    UNTITLED will be open to the public from December 3 – 7.

    Please visit us at Booth #A04 if you are in Miami. We look forward to seeing you.

  • Steven Zevitas at Miami Project

    You can find us at The Miami Project fair from December 4th - December 9th, Booth 711.

    We will be bringing work by Alex Lukas, Ann Toebbe, Chuck Webster, Peter Opheim and a few others. Hope to see you there!

    Steven Zevitas Booth 711 Model, The Miami Project

  • Art Platform - Los Angeles

    We will be participating in Art Platform, Los Angeles which begins next week. The fair, which runs the 28th through the 30th, "...will debut its second edition at the historic Barker Hangar at the Santa Monica Airport, just minutes from the beach and the Santa Monica Pier. The move to the Barker Hangar emphasizes Art Platform – Los Angeles’ commitment to greater Los Angeles as an international art capital, and to the growth of the fair as an essential event in the ever expanding art world. As the premier art fair in Southern California, Art Platform – Los Angeles seeks to capture the very essence of this great city – light, space, innovation, and recreation. 

    The 2012 edition of Art Platform – Los Angeles will bring together both local and international artists, dealers, collectors, museums and art enthusiasts, to engage in a vibrant exchange of art and culture. Art Platform – Los Angeles will continue to provide unprecedented access to the artists, institutions and collections that define the Los Angeles art scene through its outstanding selection of innovative galleries, extensive VIP program, stimulating Open Platform speaker series, and special programming."

    Please check out the Fair's website for more details including a full list of exhibitors!

  • ArtPadSF

    Steven Zevitas Gallery will be participating in Art Pad SF art fair, which opens this week. Participating artists include, Alex Lukas, Astrid Bowlby, Jered Sprecher, Ann Toebbe, Andrew Masullo, Michael Krueger, David X. Levine, and Peter Opheim. For those of you who live in San Fran, please stop by and say hello.

    ArtPadSF at the iconic Phoenix Hotel is a provocative 21st century boutique art fair that focuses on emerging and contemporary art from the Bay Area and beyond. Partnered with San Francisco’s world-renowned arts institutions, galleries, and artists, ArtPadSF is a crossroads for the creative and an unparalleled marketplace for art. Join us May 17 to 20 for screenings, panels, performances, and more.

  • Andrew Masullo at the VOLTA Art Fair

    Steven Zevitas Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition of recent works by Andrew Masullo at the 2012 VOLTA NY Art Fair. Andrew Masullo’s hard-won paintings are notable for both their intimate scale and sophisticated use of color and form. Executed in oils, their "rightness" is derived from an intuitive, yet methodical adjustment of paintings’ most basic elements. In some cases, a painting can take years to complete, yet Masullo does not attempt to hide a given painting’s history, and prior adjustments and abandoned directions are often visible in a completed work.
    Masullo’s unique pictorial vocabulary of geometric and organic forms suggest potential reference points, but his paintings are ultimately about their own creation, not external influences; their meaning is immanent, rather than transcendent. Since the early 1990s, Masullo’s stated aim has been to produce paintings that have "no preconceived ideas, no personal or outside references, no pictorial imagery, no words, no numbering systems, no theories, no agendas, and no gimmicks".

    Masullo has exhibited internationally for more than two decades, and is currently included in the 2012 Whitney Biennial, which is on view through May 27, 2012.

    Steven Zevitas Gallery is will be located at Booth C2 at VOLTA NY. The fair is open to the public from 2 – 7pm on Thursday, March 8, and from 11 – 7pm from Friday, March 9 – Sunday, March 11.