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    Jean’s Vision (2011), one of Anne Toebbe’s works in the group show “Show #7: Sunday Paintings for a Rainy Day” at Field Projects in Chelsea, measures only 12 inches by 16 inches, but it gets plenty done within that tiny space. Her view of a precious little living room is filled with myriad patterns and textures that coalesce to form a humming panel. There’s a hint of Jonas Wood, but her work is more ordered than his, all of the elements—tables, a Christmas tree (dig those tough, intricate branches), birds, a nativity scene and so forth—balanced against one another within its borders. The architectural space has unfolded or collapsed, and the walls seem to have been placed on their backs. (Is Ms.Toebbe floating above the room or drifting about within it as she assembles the work?) Space is rendered, perhaps, as a series of memories, various objects and scenes in the process of being reordered and reassembled.

    Anne Toebbe | ‘Jean’s Vision,’ 2011, cut paper, paint, glue on panel, 12 x 16 inches. (Courtesy the artist and Field Projects)

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